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Vintage Car Importers or VCI was established in 2010 to offer its customers outstanding personalized classic car brokering services that facilitates the buying and selling of vintage cars while providing specialized importing and exporting services to South Africa. What truly distinguishes Vintage Car Importers from other historic vehicle traders isn’t simply Nico’s deep love of classic cars, but rather the knowledge and wisdom Nico has gained from his father and his mentors over the years that he takes into his business.

VCI offers clients a full turnkey service for classic car collectors that includes: finding your classic, selling your classic, shipping your classic and invensting in classic cars. VCI offers clients personalized classic car portfolio management and we continue educate our clients so they can make the best timeous classic car investments. Vintage Car Importers extensive list of contacts in the classic car trading industry both in South Africa and internationally; enables Nico to source the right car at the right price for our clients. Our vision is to build a global classic car dealer network that can service any enquiry a classic car collector may have, then deliver it anywhere in the world, while shining the spotlight on classic cars as we tell the story of the people who live the classic car motoring life #MyOctane.

While we may deal in classic car history, we are definitely not afraid to move and shape the times. Vintage Car Importers’ team is made up of cutting edge specialists who will be using techniques like transmedia storytelling to engage and interact with potential buyers or sellers. Vintage Car Importers has re-imagined the art of selling classic cars in the 21st Century and one thing is certain, #VCI is not your average classic car dealer…

Why choose #VCI?

  • Expert classic car brokering services
  • Stringent vehicle checks
  • Hagerty & NADAguides evaluations
  • We find you the best deal
  • Imports, exports & cross trading
  • We save you time & money
  • 7+ years in the classic car trade
  • 12+ years in International logistics


  • Fantastic service under very difficult conditions. The shipping line was constantly changing locations and dates on the import side AND ON THE EXPORT SIDE, THEY ORGANISED EARLY PICK UP AND EXPORT OF OUR CAR WHEN IT BROKE DOWN. All trouble free. Fantastic and reliable service.Philip Macwhirter
  • Very informative and prompt response to online inquiry. Facts at the ready and follow up communication is excellent.Mike Spike

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