Get Driven by Reality

In the beginning…

MyOctane is a reality driven motoring VLOG born out of South Africa bringing together three very extremely unique petrol heads. Meet the car obsessed car men who have been in presenter training for more than four years now and if truth be told they are finally ready for their coming out party. We lived it and documented it, it’s what some would call lightening in a bottle, we call it a raw and unflinching guerrilla styled origin chapter to our story. Follow the men behind Vintage Car Importers, Hard Drive Stunts, and Craig’s Car Care and experience their all consuming passion for their reality driven motoring adventures!

In the not to distant future, MyOctane will also begin shining its headlights on the world of vintage car investment, modern car collectors, historic cars, classic car restorations, car maintenance and DIY, unscripted motoring moments, celebrity stunts, behind the scenes movie exclusives and the reality of racing as we teach you the sweet science of precision driving. MyOctane is a proudly South African motoring VLOG with a one of kind twist in the tail! Boot camp training is over for Allen, Nico and Craig, and now we are finally ready to begin telling our side of the story…

What makes you say that’s #MyOctane ?

Get Driven by Reality!

MyOctane Productions

MyOctane Productions

Transmedia Motoring Content

MyOctane is a transmedia production company that was created to realize a very African dream of co-creating the world’s wildest motoring show…

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