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How do classic car brokers save you time and money?

Are you having trouble finding classic cars?

Time is becoming more precious by the day and when you begin to commit your time, energy and focus into finding classic cars; it all becomes overwhelming. Vintage Car Importers offers its clients a one of a kind personalised approach to finding your dream car. We don’t have a big showroom or impersonal sales department, we rather believe in putting you directly in touch with the owner and founder, Nico Van Den Heever.

VCI always ensures that we don’t waste your time and that we offer the fair market price for our classic car showroom inventory. Vintage Car Importers does its business transparently, educating and informing new clients by sharing past client’s experiences and stories in our What’s Shipping VLOG. Nico always makes our short-term investment collectors and long-term investment collectors aware of any possible restoration costs and expenditures for maintenance, storage, and insurance. He uses his extensive knowledge and expertise of the classic car market and he always encourages his clients to purchase the best vintage car they can afford when he is finding classic cars

Vintage Car Importers will relentlessly negotiate the best deals on your behalf, when Nico is commissioned to act as your broker to either source, sell or ship your most treasured classic car collectables. Nico uses his extensive knowledge of classic cars and global car markets, to effectively source and find dream cars for our clients world wide. Vintage Car Importers saves you time and money and we give you the kind of peace of mind that you expect, when you decide to use the services of a specialist historic vehicle trader and shipping expert; whether you looking for an early brass era car, 60’s era sports car or a contemporary exotic we will always have you covered.

At Vintage Car Importers (#VCI) we believe that finding the perfect classic car will and should be that one motoring experience you will lovingly cherish for the rest of your life, as both an investment and the beginning of your vintage car collecting dreams coming true…

#VCI classic car procurement

  • Expert classic car brokering services
  • Analysis of current classic car market/s
  • Sourcing the best example/s of your car
  • We do stringent due diligence vehicle checks
  • We secure detailed vehicle info for clients
  • We are always available to answer any classic car investment or purchasing questions
  • We only accept classic car trade-ins that meet our high quality vehicle trading standards
  • We safeguard your interests when dealing with private sellers during procurement
  • We negotiate the best deal our client’s behalf
  • We manage the transfer of funds for the procurement of your classic car
  • As specialists we can always manage all your shipping and transport logistics efficiently
  • Ship your classic car anywhere in the world
  • VCI will save you money on shipping services
  • 7+ years experience in the classic car trade
  • 12+ years in International logistics
  • VCI procurement process offers it’s clients a full classic car turnkey solution from sourcing your classic car to door to door delivery

#VCI’s Procurement  Process

Do you have a dream car?

VCI advises fledgling classic car collectors on how to get started, while providing more established collectors with specialist portfolio management for their current classic car collections. Simply complete VCI’s contact form below to begin the process of finding your dream car.

Finding classic cars

VCI will source your dream car from our international classic car dealer network, or from reputable classic car marketplaces or private classic car collectors. VCI’s classic car procurement is always done within the mandated spending range authorised by our clients.

Reviewing your options

Each enquiry generally yields a minimum of three purchase options for your dream car. Nico will personally be on hand to answer any purchasing questions you may have, and he will advise you of any pros and cons during the assessment of each prospect.

The art of negotiation

VCI makes sure you are always get the fair market price based on the original condition of the classic car. Price is determined by a classic car’s provenance i.e. the age, condition, original features and scarcity. VCI uses Hagerty and NADAguides evaluations for all our classic car appraisals.

Seamless International logistics

VCI will oversee and expedite all your transport logistic needs, this means we will handle all your permit applications and document requirements, mode of transport, shipping logistics, customs clearance and making the final delivery to your door all in one classic car turnkey solution.

Telling your #VCI story

VCI believes that the best way to educate our classic car collectors and broaden their investment knowledge; is by sharing our real life case studies of the pleasures and pains of being a classic car collector. Learn why not all classic car stories, are in fact never equal.

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