How can #VCI make all your classic car dreams come #True?

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Vintage Car Importers based in South Africa offers its local and international clients a full turnkey solution for imports, exports and cross trading, alleviating all the time consuming paperwork, securing necessary permits, while making sure that the entire logistic process runs smoothly and efficiently, right down to our one of kind door to door delivery service.

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Vintage Car Importers practices the art of great classic car investments. We understand the obsession that grips you, that deep desire you feel when drawn to drive and collect pieces of four wheeled metallic art. VCI tells the kind of car stories that will inspire you to make a life changing investment in the past.

Sell my classic car

Knowing when, where and how to sell your classic car is nuanced, having a specialist broker that understands the ebb and flow of the classic car market is essential. VCI markets and trades our showroom’s classic cars through dealers and marketplaces within our global classic car network.

Welcome to Vintage Car Importers

We are completely obsessed with classic cars! That’s why we do what we do… Simply put we live for our work and it’s that story within the story that always drives us. Vintage Car Importers doesn’t just broker the buying and selling of classic cars we educate collectors so they can make great classic car investments, as a result we are actually really obsessed with the details and although our job is never easy, we dedicate ourselves to finding new homes for these rare car collectibles, as one generation passes the torch to another!

Vintage Car Importers was established in 2010 to offer its clients and customers outstanding personalized service in the business of buying and selling vintage cars and shipping them into and out of South Africa. Nico van den Heever is the principal owner of the business who has an international degree in logistics coupled with several years’ of practical experience in logistics, making him your logical choice when you need the services of a vintage car shipping expert

VCI is re-imagining the art of historical vehicle trading and we are building a one of kind global classic car dealer network to ensure that we can always find you the perfect car to realize your dream investment. Buying a classic car is more than just a financial or emotional investment it’s pure nostalgia that appreciates with value. Now the question is how can Vintage Car Importers help make your classic car dreams come true in the 21st Century? Are you ready to make great classic car investments?

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  • Fantastic service under very difficult conditions. The shipping line was constantly changing locations and dates on the import side AND ON THE EXPORT SIDE, THEY ORGANISED EARLY PICK UP AND EXPORT OF OUR CAR WHEN IT BROKE DOWN. All trouble free. Fantastic and reliable service.Philip Macwhirter
  • Very informative and prompt response to online inquiry. Facts at the ready and follow up communication is excellent.Mike Spike

The roads we travel

It is not the roads we travel that will define us, but rather the mode and manner in which we choose to travel those very roads.

Chasing car dreams

Whether it’s a childhood dream forged in diecast metal or that vintage car your father could never afford. #DreamsAreWorthChasing

The shipping experts

Find out why VCI is the ideal choice when you need to ship your vintage car collection just about anywhere in the world.

A world of car stories

We will find that not all vintage car stories are if fact created equal, the question is which classic car investments story will you choose?

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